Scam Warning on Domain Expired email

Scam Warning

Many of our clients have, and are, receiving an email pertaining to be from 123-reg saying their domain has expired?


Do NOT click on the link to Pay

Delete the email.

If you have, or have had, a domain name registered with Truska it is most likely we have used 123-reg as out domain source provider.

123-REG invoice us and we pay on your behalf - you will never be asked by to pay any 3rd part directly.

We also do not ask you to follow a link in an email to pay.

We have been on contact with 123-reg and this seems to be a concerted attack on domains registered though them.

Our account with 123-REG has not been compromised and no breach of GDPR or other system has accrued.

Truska clients are not the only ones effected.

Email scams are on an increase at the moment and we encourage everyone to be vigilant. Never follow a link on an email you are not sure about - on a PC you can see the url that a link is  "ACTUALLY" going to by holding your mouse over the link (see mage below) and this is a good initial indicator - but be aware slight character changes can fool even the most vigilant.

We suggest if you need to follow a link that you actually go to your browser and type in the url yourself and do not follow the link unless you are 100%, and then again another 100%, sure it is legit.

If you have any doubts or questions do please call or email

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