Spam Spam Spam - everyone's pet hate....

We do not think that we can rid of spam in this modern era of with so much of it about.

The best cure (if hat is the word) is to manage it and be vigilant making sure you DO NOT click on links or get fooled into following a phishing attack and taken to a pseudo web site.

Always check and double check links and if he wording does not sound right it is probably spam.

In SellerDeck you can reduce the spam that may be coming from the Contact Form on your SellerDeck web site by implementing  Google re-captcha.

People then have to tick a box to prove they are human.

Rather than explain it all again here below are links to the SellerDeck forum with instructions - It will depend on the version of SellerDeck you are using.

If Ver. 18(or later)  than it is very easy and quick - older versions need some configuration work done and rusk would be pleased to help.

Sellerdeck Desktop – Upgrading to reCAPTCHA v2

For older versions and upgrading to use re-Captcha v2

Sellerdeck Desktop v18 – Upgrading From v11 And Earlier