Sometimes it's easier to show us what you're seeing on your computer screen instead of explaining it. In Windows, one easy solution is the PrtScn key. When you press it, an image of your screen is copied to the Clipboard. This is called a screen capture or screen shot.

To print the screen capture or send it to us in an e‑mail, you'll first have to paste it into Paint or some other image-editing or suitable program and save it.

To capture an active window (The window that you are current working in and the one you want to show us

Windows PC

  1. Press Alt + PrtScn.

  2. Then either Open an Email, Paint (or other imaging software),  Word or other document word processor program or even a new or reply to email.

  3. In The program, select Paste. (often on the Edit menu) or Use the shortcut keys Ctrl + V to paste the screen dump into the document

  4. Save the document and then attach to an email and send to Truska Support.

On an Apple Ipad or iphone

  1. By pressing the sleep/wake/power button (at the top-right of the device) and the Home button (below the screen) at the same time.

  2. The screenshot will then appear in your Photos app. It's as easy as that!

  3. Attach to an email the same way you would attach any photo and send to