The POP, SMTP and IMAP Setting for email running on the Truska platform is as follows:

The Username is the FULL email address (i.e.


POP (Incoming) server: 


IMAP (Incoming) server:

and Outgoing

SMTP (Outgoing) server:

If asked it is an SSL connection you can say No

or set it up to use STARTTLS if available

Default ports should work in most cases

But if not already set to the following you could try them

POP: 110

Incoming IMAP: 143

SMTP: 25 (or if having a problem abroad try 63325

Our using SSL (STARTTLS)

Incoming POP: 995

Incoming IMAP: 143

SMTP: as for non-SSL above

To send from Outlook and other similar clients you will need to authenticate the outgoing mail

In Outlook Account settings go to <More> or <More Settings>  then the <Outgoing Server> Tab and click "Use same setting as my incoming mail server".

The exact wording etc will vary from client to client and version to version.

Username and password where issued when the account was set up.

Please also change you password once your email is set up and operating using the tools in our WebMail service or see "How to chnage tour Email Password" here: