Snapshot is a way to backup a SellerDeck system to include the system database and all other associated files.

You can do this two ways:

On exit select Site Snapshot
At this point you can also Compact the database.

Or from the File menu select Snapshot | Export Site

Follow the instructions to complete the process.

This should be done daily or at least whenever you make changes to your system

Another option is a Database Backup - this is a file that contains all your products settings ad order derails, customers etc but NOT layouts, images and other system files that are needed for a full restore but is is quicker and the file size is smaller.

We recommend a Site Snapshot as a meas to back up your data - 

This backup file should then be stored securely, ideally on a different computer or USB device that is NOT left connected to the main PC, or, better still, to an off-site backup server offering secure and encrypted backups such as TruskaBackup. A service like this can also back up your accounts, email and other data.


Snapshot for Support Purposes

For support purposes you may need to send the snapshot to ourselves or to SellerDeck. 

In this case please use the Support Snapshot generator - it removes all your customer data and is therefore compliant under the new GDPR rules.



Select SUPPORT SNAPSHOT (near the bottom right)

Follow the instructions to complete the process remembering where the file was stored.

To send to Truska you can email, if the file is small or better still use secure a File Sending Service such as

To send to SellerDeck, only if requested - use the SellerDeck SendFile service from their support web site - you will be given a link when the file is requested.