If your SellerDeck Client start to run very slowly you can try a couple of things to try and make it speed up.

This refers to the client when you are managing the site and NOT the uploaded web site.

  • Disable Page Preview from the Widows Menu when not needed.
    This needs done separately for both Content and Design View

  • If you have social Media links or are using JavaScript adding etc you can wrap them in a Block If statement to prevent them from operating when in Preview mode.
    <actinic:variable name="IsNotPreviewMode" />
    or to allow something to shw only in Preview mode use
    <actinic:variable name="IsPreviewMode" />

  • A third change you can make to free up some memory if you have a lot of orders in the system is to under Pending and Completed set the max days orders are to shown for. The default is 9999 days but a shorter period of maybe a year (365) or maybe about 1 1/2 years at about 500 days may help.

  • You can also Compact the database manually using the menu option House Keeping | Compact database and when exiting set Compact Database after closing to work each time you close the software.

If none of these work and you are a Truska client you can submit a ticket  or if not you can register with us or contact SellerDeck directly.