If you get an ODBC error at start up, normally after upgrading SellerDeck or your OS then you need to update some information relating to how SellerDeck accesses the database.

There are two possible solutions - if one does not work try the other

First close down SellerDeck and any other application that may use Access, including MS Access itself if open.

Download and Run the MS Access Runtime for either Access 2010 or 2007

Try 2013 first


Select the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe version and NOT the x64 one - even if your PC is 64Bit

Download then run and follow the on screen prompts

When completed re try to open SellerDeck

If it opens with no errors or problems - you are done.

If it still shows the ODBC error do the same again but from this link for Access 2007 Runtime.


And repeat the steps above.

If this fails to help then contact Truska or, if support is directly with SellerDeck contact them directly.