An Autoresponder will automatically send a reply to ALL emails that are sent to the account - It is often used to send an Out of Office or On Holiday message but can be used for any purpose where you want a standard message to be sent to ALL those that email you.

Setting up and Auto-Responder with Truska Mail system is very quick and easy.

First you do need to know you Email Password.  Your system administrator should be able to help you there.

From the Truska Web Mail portal ( log in to your web mail account using your email address and password.

Click on Settings (top right corner (Cog wheel icon)

Select Account from the Left most Settings menu (bottom item)

Select Autoreply form the Section menu

Fill in the form and Save it.

You are done.

The forms fields:

Subject - the Subject line for the reply

Message: The Message to send to those emailing you.

Start On: Select the Date and Time the Auto-responder is to start working

End By: The date and time it is to stop working

(note start date must be before end date so you may need to set end date first)

Enabled: Is it switched on to work within the time scales listed or is it completely switched off.


As you can set it up with start and end dates you can do it well before you go on holiday so that it is ready work saving you time and the need to remember to do it on your last day.

You can also just un-tick the enabled and leave the message there ready to amend the dates and re enable before your next required use.

See also how to set up email forwarding under separate help topic in this email FAQ section.