Truska CMS Update (Aug 2019)

We are rolling out an upgrade to our CMS (Content Management System) that adds a number of new tools to the system.

  • You can view more form the List Page.
  • New Search and Select Tools making it easier to find the record you want to edit.
  • New Image Handling tools with Gallery.
  • Web inquiry, contact and other forms can now be written to the CMS system for later easy recall (and future processing)
  • Google re-CAPATCHv2 and v3 now available on all forms to hep reduce spam generated by auto-bots filling in your forms.
  • We have also added facilities to introduce additional AntiSpam tools in the future.
  • And more...

To inquire about upgrading your system please get in touch via email, a call or rise a ticket.

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