EMail Issue Sat 4th Nov

We have some clients reporting a problem with sending and receiving emails this morning

We are looking into it at the moment and will be either back on-line very soon or will post an update her when we know more.

UPDATE 11:50am

The problem seem to be ISP or Internet related rather than local device or Server.

All Truska servers have been checked and are reported as running at 100% with no known issues but a few clients are still experiencing problems as of 11:30pm - others are now working OK again.

If your still having problems give it an hour or so (till after 1pm) to see if issues resolve themselves - Reboot/Restart your PC or device and router - if still not working raise a ticket here or send email to

UPDATE 13:30pm

Clients having issues that we are aware of all reporting all OK from shortly after 12:30pm.

There does not seem to have been an issue on the Truska platform itself but somewhere in cyberspace with one or more ISPs there seems to have been a routing issue causing email clients to be unable to see the mail servers.

This is all now marked as closed...

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