To change your Truska managed email password you need to first log in to our webmail facility and then use the settings tools to allow you to change the password

  • Log in to
    You will need to know your email address and current password
  • Click on Settings (top right corner)
  • Click on Account (from the Left Menu)
  • Click on Password from the Account menu
  • Enter your Current Password
  • Enter your new password twice as indicated

As you type the new one the right box will indicate its strength – It must be GREEN please
Your Password MUST NOT be Red or Orange at any cost.

DO NOT use easy to crack or obvious words – in fact refrain from actual words altogether.

You can use symbols such as £ $ € % ^ & * _ -  as well as UPPER and lowercase characters and numbers (1234567890).

If your email gets hacked due to a weak password all your email accounts on the domain likely to be without any email for at least 24 hours while we clean the hack up and reset the various controls on the account.

You have been warned.